Washington is my home state, but I have traveled all over the nation for sessions. Just depends on how bad you want me ;)

I am:
Passionate, Dreamer, Creator, Seeker, Learner, Teacher, Visual

Area of Expertise:

  1. Lighting.  I love lighting; it has an enormous impact on the mood and feeling of an image.  Having the knowledge of OCF and the ability to manipulate available light are crucial to achieving your artistic vision.  I am constantly trying to think up new or different ways of lighting that will help me communicate through my images more clearly.
  2. Photoshop.  Post processing is an art form of its own and indispensable to today’s photographer.  It can be used to make simple enhancements or complete transformations.  How it is utilized is completely subject to each artist, and for me, each individual image’s purpose.  Photoshop allows me an unparalleled level of artistic control over my art giving me the ability to enhance the subtle details of the artistic elements and control visual hierarchy.  Ultimately photoshop can be used to hone visual language allowing us to speak to our audience more clearly and concisely.
  3. Creative Process.  Having the ability to imagine, wonder and dream is different from artistic ability and they are equally important.  Without artistic ability, dreams will never be realized or expressed.  Without imagination, nothing original or impactful will be created.  The ability to think of something new to say, decide how to say it with maximum impact and then actualize that thought is the bridge between fantasy and reality.  When you figure out how to do that you will see the world with new eyes, a world of possibility.  Your imagination will then become the only limit.

Talk to me about:
Anything DIY or creative, repurposing objects, personal projects, fashion, Photoshop, anything you want to learn or teach me… I am passionate about knowledge. Also, if you have a creative session idea, I'm your girl.

My Super Power: Perpetual curiosity. (It is also my kryptonite)

Favorite Online Hangouts:

  • Google is my #1!!  I spend more time googling things than anyone I know.  I feel like I have a million questions at any given time.  I love to learn, knowledge is the predecessor to creation.
  • Pinterest - obviously.
  • Etsy- I shop… I buy… I am inspired by the creativity, talent and perspective of other artists. Us creatives have to support each other, if there was a rulebook that would be right up there in the top 5 creative commandments.
  • YouTube - if YouTube offered degrees I would definitely have my Masters. Just sayin.
  • Lynda.com – Tap into knowledge 24/7
  • CreativeLive.com – Only way they could be better is if I were a featured artist.
    Jk, Jk…but no seriously Creative Live peeps, where’s the love?
  • Thesaurus.com – beautiful words…I adore them.

Advice for budding pros?
Be accepting and have an open mind.  Get to know your subject and find out how you can best meet their needs. Once your subjects know they can trust you with the things they are passionate about… the things that make them tick… then you are in a win-win-win situation.  Your subject is excited and will have a good time, you can feed off of their excitement and become inspired (let’s face it, this is when we love our job), AND your clients will be totally stoked with the resulting authentic images. (WIN-WIN-WIN).

Also, you must have the commitment, confidence and integrity to create images that are true to your vision and passion. If a client comes to you with an idea or example of what they want figure out how to own it, translate it into your own creative language. If your images reflect your personal style and brand you will be producing an exclusive product and it will be valued as such.